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The problem was that you could RE someone else's gear so people were just swapping recipes making all mods, enh, etc. available within the first couple weeks.
The problem is a bit more complicated than that. You already can't RE and learn the schematic from a piece of gear made by someone else. The problem is that, for mods, armoring, hilt/barrel, and enh, as soon as you place it in a piece of gear, it loses its previous identity and, as such, no longer remembers who made it. As such, rather than being a mod that was made by someone else, it becomes a mod without a creator, just like all of the world drops and stuff that drops from bosses.

The people complaining about their ability to maintain a monopoly would have their problems solved if BW could actually figure out how to preserve the creator information for a piece of gear that is currently inside of another piece of gear (I'm reasonably confident that the actual programmatic mechanism used is that a mod is destroyed when it enters a piece of moddable gear, which then gains the relevant "buff" in the form of the mod; when you remove the mod, it then simply creates a separate item in your inventory; essentially, creator information is never preserved because the mods don't actually exist within shells but rather exist to tell shells to create informational constructs within them). It would probably increase the storage requirements (by a lot, since they're having to track player information for every single mod slot), so it might not be something they're keen to do.
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