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Interesting that they'd make her young (in game model) then decide to "oldify" (coined!) her later...since she's a custom model it would have been easier to make her in her current form, which would have then been used for the holo-transmission models. And if the time line was already established; there's really no "we didn't know" excuse.

I guess I could argue that Rukil is (supposedly) 100+ and doesn't look a bit over 75; Satele has too many age marks.

In fact, I've never really studied Star Wars lore, but what is the average life expectancy of humans "now". In Babylon 5 it was something like 120. And in Star Trek I think 135. So if all these "future-depicting" shows say humans' new 'middle age' is about 70; that still puts Satele at looking old before her time.

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