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02.05.2013 , 10:06 AM | #9
As some have hinted at, mainstat level might not be that high for a well-geared person using unlettered mods and power augments, so it's not necessarily a great metric.

Here's what my guild looks for in an EC or TFB SM pug:
Do you have a decent health pool?
Do you know the fights or have vent?

We're not raiding superstars, but the pugs have never prevented a clear. And we're usually doing full runs trying to get the end stabilizers for some new alt or something. I guess I can see having requirements if you're just trying to get the weekly done as quickly as possible. But otherwise why be such a snob? The last few people we recruited were from TFB runs. They didn't have a lot of gear (actually NEEDED some of the Rakata!), or even knew the fights past the weekly, but they learned quickly and handled mechanics well. Be willing to give a chance to your server's talented but undergeared, and you may not have to pug these runs in the future.
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