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02.05.2013 , 10:03 AM | #50
@OP: I agree with you. I think BW will make sure that you cannot RE someone else's crafted gear. The problem wasn't so much that you can RE mods and stuff (that's what it's there for and taking it away will make those crafting professions useless). The problem was that you could RE someone else's gear so people were just swapping recipes making all mods, enh, etc. available within the first couple weeks.

I'm all for having to earn the gear by actually doing endgame stuff such as weeklys and operations to get said gear, but how will you justify that to crafters if they cannot craft those mods?

Also, if BW hadn't allowed all of this it would have taken a very, very, very long time for my maruader to be BiS as basically the 56 Str / 44 Power mod comes from one piece of gear - the belt. That means I would have had to have farmed 9 belts just to get BiS. And I'm competing against others for the same thing?

That's not going to fly with me. Until BW comes up with a way to reforge like WoW or finally makes their gear BiS as is, I'm not going to waste time farming 9 of the same item. If that happens in the next operation where I can't get my BiS mods crafted and they still can't itemize, I probably will quit.