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He just simply doesn't understand. I'm willing to bet he doesn't have a sage, or has a sage and only heals PvP.
Bet lost. To make myself clear. The AoE Heal is really nice and it allows you to be pretty lazy, but if you want to minimize your overheal and have a higher effective heal / force, innervate, resurgence, dark infusion and bubble are much better, if only 2 people are taking damage. Let's look at the fights, where 3+ people are taking dmage and standing close together throughout the whole 10 seconds of the AoE heal.

1. Kephess EC (not happening here)
2. Toth and Zorn (happens only if 2 melees are on toth and after red circle phase)
3. Kephess TFB (yeah, phase 2 and 3 it's helpful)
4. Firebrand and Stormcaller (helpful after DD)
5. Colonel Vorgoth (minefield, if cleave doesn't get kicked)
6. The Writhing Horror (the short time where the horro faces the group? maybe. End phase only if the tank doesn't spot the adds and they attack different people)

I wanted to see, if I can heal without the AoE and tried it in Asation HM. It worked out pretty well with actually higher eHPS. Thats what I meant by "Try it!".
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