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I am playing my Inquisitor Light Side for the most part. I kind of support the notion that he is bitter towards the Empire for being enslaved but chooses to bide his time, building up power within their Sith Order and using their knowledge of the force for his own betterment.

Inevitably he is consumed by the Dark Side so he is going to be a bit of a volatile character who will no doubt decimate anyone who stands in his way, a Jedi he will never be, however some of those pure evil dark choices will not be taken, reflecting a more independent thinking Sith than those committed so blindly to their order without question...more of a Rogue Sith as I prefer to view him.

It is at the end of the day YOUR SAGA, and your story, you play it however you see fit really, I for one am one of those people who cannot play the 100% pure evil path, not comfortably anyway...
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