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02.05.2013 , 09:16 AM | #15
Now about NVIDIA graphics driver - guys, before you suggest installing new driver and especially betas, please take a look at release notes of it! Most of the new drivers add support to new cards and do very specific things. If those fixes/updates mentioned in the newer driver and especially beta doesn't concern your specific graphics card and shouldn't fix the problem you're having, there's no need to updated to newer driver, ESPECIALLY BETA! It is better to stay with stable releases and not always newer driver gives better quality! So please, stop suggesting things you do not fully understand!

And for all those fan boys with all that "No one is forcing you..." and "The game is great and the quality is crazy..." - so why are you at the support section of the forum? Are you trying to support me or the others with those great word of wisdom? Or you're actually thinking this will solve some kind of problem.... or my guess would be, you're here for the support for something that doesn't work for you, but you doesn't get the whole picture of quality here.
Please, if you think everything is fine and the world is perfect, go playing and don't wast YOUR time on the support forum or guys like me. Have fun and I'm happy for you!

Now about paying - I payed for collectors edition about a year ago... yeah, no one forced, but it was on sale and I bought a product I was interested for. The fact that it turned to be FTP doesn't mean I didn't pay for my collectors edition and I don't want the game I'm getting for free. I don't want grinding all day long in order to bug some unlock and the other choice is.... PAYING, either for cartel coins or for the subscription. So bottom line, if I want the game I bought I have to continue paying. AND I AM FINE WITH IT! I just want the developers and the testing team (if there is any) to do a better job and give us ALL better quality. I'm not looking for perfect, I'm looking for better!