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One can assume that either Bioware is with the detractors in thinking romances only involve the fade-to-black or that they had originally made all of the Makeb [Flirt]s for straight characters, then at the last minute made them available to LGB characters because "oh yeah, that's a thing".

Here's Mr. Gonzalez confirming that these won't be full-blown romance options. So if you want companion romances, come back in a year or three.
Now the hope we can nurture is those flrts will be actually flirtatious. I played Vette's romance with my warrior and some of them were like "hu? is that flirting ?"

It'll be funny, in a tragic way, if all the raging, crying, doomandgloom saying about swtor, resources, priorities and sssstuff is over a few "[Flirt] Hello" and "[Flirt] Thank you, hope to see you soon"