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hiya just wanna say good luck only watched a few streams but recently ive been enjoying them the only thing i notice is that most either end before they dish out loot or it is done in a manner as to not show what was dropped i would like to see what's dropped when you kill him please and again good luck
That is probably because most kill videos are edited after the kill - if we kill on the live stream you should be able to see loot - otherwise I will ask our video editors to leave it in (if we kill it - we have no idea what 7 stack is going to be like). If the jump from 5 to 7 is anything like the jump 3 to 5, we probably have no shot - we will do a few attempts to test the viability of the kill. This will likely be an all in-guild run by Carnage Gaming of The Shadowlands.

Again, I'll post here before we start.