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One can assume that either Bioware is with the detractors in thinking romances only involve the fade-to-black or that they had originally made all of the Makeb [Flirt]s for straight characters, then at the last minute made them available to LGB characters because "oh yeah, that's a thing".

Here's Mr. Gonzalez confirming that these won't be full-blown romance options. So if you want companion romances, come back in a year or three.
Why assume they only made SGR Flirts as a last minute thing with Makeb? Not to say they did or didn't, but for a company that's come out and admited "Yeah, didnt happen due to time and money" with the companions in the main game, then said SGR flirts will be in Makeb, and knowing the company has had SGR in previous games, why would you automatically think "Oh, yeah, that's a thing."

Especially after the thread was detracted with other BW games instead of keeping focused on TOR, talking about how BW allows it in all their other games.

I think it was less a last minute thing, and more a "We dont have the time or money to go back and change companions, but we can add this here to throw a bone to the two percent of the player base who actually cares if this is added or not"