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Wow, i'm impressed that you had a screen cap of that.. that was like what 5+ months?? A little too much time on your hands (like I should talk lol) eh?

Anyway, i'll be the first to admit that I completely, absolutely, without a doubt sucked at PVP back then, even a month ago I wasn't any good (I only started PVPn a little over 2 months ago, so i'm fairly new). Nowadays I don't think I suck, but am more of an over-powered average player. Matter of fact, I just had a watchman sent completely smoke me in 1v1 a couple days ago (though our gear wasn't equal). Big deal, its a dam video game.

But obviously i'm doing something right, for you to make me feel so special by dedicating this special thread for me

Such an interesting dynamic--- the different reactions this game brings out in people.

Next time u see me in a wz, say hi, so that we can have a rematch.. i'm sure i'll give u a much better challenge.

Until then you should probably try to post threads on this forum that people actually care about..

Lol Starmarc you seem to be the harbinger punching bag lately.
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