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The indicated time frame is after transfers enabled to the PTS Q1/Q2 , and other servers is likely in Q3/Q4 this year.

They will not give a time frame any more concise as they do not know.

Edit - There is a big difference of doing a one off bulk manual transfer to having an ability for automated 24/7 transfers.

Extract from state of the game #2

Topic #3: Character Copy to Public Test Server (PTS) What is taking so long? Answer: As of the writing of this letter, we are in focused, internal testing on character copies for PTS. You should expect to see this come within the first part of this year. It will provide free character copies to PTS at any time (with possible restrictions dependent upon our testing needs at any given time). This will also lay the foundation for our new live character transfer system that will be coming later this year.
why internal testing for character copies to the PTS they can allready do that. as far as character transfers coming in q3/q4 that time frame will make them unneeded as most of us forced to re-roll on new servers will allready have our NEW characters min/maxed by then so what they need to do is get the service up and running now before its too late also they dont have to be 24/7 they can open up transfers now give us a time frame to move our characters to a server of OUR CHOOSING NOT THEIRS pretty sure that right there will be enough to put an end to these threads popping up every other day