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Kamii, I loved your video of three-manning Explosive Conflict, it was great. But I hope you do not think that Bioware intends to place brick walls in front of people like you just out of spite or something.
No not at all. I don't think they are purposefully trying to "annoy" anyone. I also agree that everyone on the raid should have some sort of responsability on each boss fight and even trash.

What I would like is having possibility of someone taking up more than his responsability. It would make the fights more dynamic and be an incentive to finding new and creative ways of beating the bosses, even with a full group. Just have more than one way of defeating bosses, especially when the "regular" way actually forces 8 people. For example, instead of forcing people to destroy the cores on Operator IX have something like "Damage dealt by Operator IX on 2nd stage increased by 20% per core.". There are so many (fun) ways this could be done!

And seriously, this isn't about catering to some elite. It's about making the game more enjoyable to everyone.