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Before you start throwing your stones I know about the Legacy and the Family Tree between your characters and stuff but I think it would be cool to have the option to marry, adopt, train as apprentice, rival another player's character and make him/her appear on you Legacy tree. I think it might help Rol Playing a little bit cuz making relations between characters and being unable to play with them (specially if they are from opposite factions) and acting as both of them at the same time (although it would be boring even if you can since there would be no surprises, no good and sad times, no epic fights to attempt to surpass your master, etc.) its like being married with a ghost, or fighting/training with your imaginary friend.

So again I say I would love to have the possibility to add relationships with other player's characters to give the legacy's Family Tree thingy more use and more movement.

Having unlocks for this relations would also be cool and to avoid those cheater yelling on the chat "Can anyone marry me just to unlock (Insert Skill Name Here), you may erase me after this" it might be good to get the skills or Items locked again if you end your respective relation with that player.

The way I think it might work good is to have like relationship levels that grow with relation points (like the social levels but one diferent bar for each of your relations) that you get when you make quests/flashpoints/conversations/etc. along with your rival/master/apprentice/slave/boyfriend/girlfriend/sibling/wife/husband/etc.

And as you grow your relationship with that player both of you get some goodies depending on the kind of relation you have with that player. For Example:

Love Relationship I
Unlocks an Emote where both characters can hug.

Love Relationship II
Unlocks an Emote wnere both characters can kiss
Unlocks a skill that maybe boosts their endurace for 1 hour when they are on the same area

Love Relationship III
Unlocks an Heroic Moment kind version that works only with your partner
Unlocks a skill that works during that moment

Love Relationship IV
Unlocks more stuff
Unlocks Blah Blah Blah you get the point I hope...

There could be also unique unlocks for relations between siblings, master and apprentice, slave and owner, father/mother and son, etc.

And if you are still reading thanks for taking your time I would also appreciate if you comment if you liked my idea so the thread gets some popularity and the big guys read it too.