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The first mistake he has made is to try to elevate his status on this thread by insulting me, what he has failed to understand is that as a tank, I get beat up for fun, I therefore have no ego to bruise, therefore this first statement is a complete waste of time.
No comment. Seriously, no comment Go farm KP SM untill you can REALLY tank.

The second mistake is to open this particular fight with Force Pull (cooldown 45 seconds) and Force Speed (cooldown 20 seconds), this person is putting himself before the group.

Force pull may be required to pull an add off the healer or if an add has targeted you, then pull him in and kill him.
That's what "MIND CONTROL" is for. And, on that fight, there isn't any add. Yes, seriously, only 3 mobs close of the boss but they don't repop if you wipe. And these 3 mobs can be one shotted by a DPS, in the worse case 2-shotted. A tank SHOULDN'T leave a boss when the DPS are DPS'ing.

Force speed should be saved till later in the fight, since this boss will impair your movement by at least 50%, you may also find your cooldown timers slowing, activating force speed will de-buff you straight away.
That boss needs Force Speed ? And 20s isn't like 2 minutes.

Rotations are something you really need to workout and experiment with, some tanks will tell you blah, blah, blah, I say read, listen and learn, but do your own homework.
And that's why we have so many noobs shadows/assassins. They're loosing the agro 3 times per fight and blame the DPS.

I prefer to open this particular fight with Slow Time, I can do this from the rocks giving me first strike. It reduces the groups damage taken by 5%, has an aoe range of 10 meters and reduces the movement speed by 30%. Also Force Break helps, but it stands to reason that the attack speed is also reduced, it lasts for 15 seconds with an 8 second cooldown.
GCD = 0.75s. No comment.

The most important thing about slow time is that it gives you one stack of Harnessed Shadows, and we need three stacks of it asap, and as often as possible, I just got my first stack and the fight has not even started.
Slow time = 8s CD, Prject = 6s. I can throw my first TTK after 6s, you cannot before 8.

My second taunt, Mind Control, again I use this for several reasons, the first is I get 100% agro before he has caused me any damage.
The second, he is forced to attack me for the next 6 seconds, allowing me plenty of time to move him into position and finish my first rotation.
You don't even understand how the agro works. No comment.

I don't have to worry about sentinels or commando's.
Un til someone who has cleaned the game comes.

The third, while he is forced to attack me, he can not use aoe attacks on the group, that's a 6 second window without yellow circles.
You don't even know how this fight works.

Then when it wares off, you'll find that slow time is still in effect and that the yellow circles are reduced in numbers and frequency.
Again, GCD = 0.75.

As I have said before it just takes time and practice to be a decent tank. Wiping is just practice for the next time.
What do you call a decen tank ? Someone having difficulty to clean EC HM AND with a full 61 set ? That's what I call a noob tank.