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It was me who began the post on PvP Guard damage mitagation a month or so back, and some wonderful people did tests of their own. Go look it up in the tanking forums section, its a good read. IIRC, the multiplicative thing your going on about is wrong. Their results proved you take 5% off the initial raw damage dealt, then split it into 2 even parts, the target deals with 1 part, the tank the other. All tank stats including defense/shield/abosrb as well as mitigation will reduce tank damage.

To OP:

Comm/Merc heals can be viable for most PvP situations if you are a great player, but due to their complete lack of mobility (both in and out of healing) and lack of utility, are not viable for RWZ at this time. It is a rarity that you ever see one in RWZ. I can't remember it happening to me in a while.

People can choose to ignore skill trees and things when they say one is a better healer than the other. Thats fine. The fact remains, almost every RWZ team i have ran, played in, or watched play has included 1 sage and 1 scoundrel for heals. They are both completely viable, and both viewed as nessecary, especially the sage with bubble stuns in the current metagame. (And lets face it, the metagame here changes extremely slowly, we aren't expecting any changes for months until the expansion.)

Also, i will point you to the Highest PvP records thread, where currently a Sage/Sorc holds the record No.1 highest HPS in game.