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I'm pretty sure resolve is still broken right?. And as for smash, I'm fully power modded to the max, and I still have to wait a minute for stasis to cool down, yes you can stack two with combat focus(which is a minute cd too) and use zealous leap for your crit. but without 4 stacks of singularity I wont be doing near as much dmg as I could on someone. With 2 stacks you might get hit for 5k at max. Honestly bubble stun is a pain in that ***, and I am a melee, so I get to feel it used against me. But honestly it can be used both ways.That is what getting a group together is for.
Oh you focus/rage users! It's like you pretend to not know your class. You got force exhaustion/crush on 18 seconds cooldown which grants you singularity too.

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You can interrupt a smasher very easily so they wont be able to get a crit on you. A smasher uses their crit after force choke or stasis, (and followed by a force push if they are a guardian or jugg.) You don't always have an int so I understand that. I'm full ewh and was hit by a sniper for 7600 the other day lol. It really comes down to the teams you go against and their skill,tactics and all. .My server has some of the highest records in the game. a lot with top 5 anyways, and we also have one who smoked the games dps record..So I feel the pain daily.
Most good smashers save their choke or statis for strategic purposes like another interrupt into smash.