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Step 1: get a Sentinel
Step 2: when you're pulled in, have said Sentinel use Transcendence
Step 3: have everyone use their now dramatically increased movement speed to get the hell out of it
Step 4: profit

I've been in groups that went from having 2-3 people die to the Gift of the Masters *every single time* to not having anyone even drop below half hp thanks *exclusively* to the presence of a Sentinel providing that buff. The only other recommendations that can really be made are the oft cited "people hide behind something so that they don't get pulled" and other mechanisms whereby, rather than trying to counteract it, the goal is instead to avoid it.

GotM is one of the few mechanics in the game where I really feel that the game *forces* you to have a specific class around just for a specific buff. Even a well geared Commando blowing their CDs and running immediately stands a unreasonably high chance of dying as they run out simply because it deals so much damage and has such a large radius (in fact, I know this because the people in the aforementioned run that were dying to it every time were Commandos that were using Reactive Shield at 61% with Sage bubbles before and *still* died to it). If you're a class without a major movement speed increase (Consular, Sentinel; Guardian can sometimes manage with Guardian Leap) or a KB immunity ability (Tactics Vanguard, Gunslinger), you're kinda screwed unless there is a Sentinel to save your bacon.
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