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It all goes well up untill Kephess casts his 'Gift of The Masters' (Purple AoE).

We have tried a couple of tactics but none seem to work, everybody is just taking way to much damage to heal.

We are using a Sorc Heal (Myself) and an Operative.

Anyone have any suggestions on this.

Los the pull by kephess if you have too much ranged. The big purple circle is nasty and hard to heal through if you stay in it too long. The second tank need to be taunting during the cast of breath of the masters when he's attacking the main tank. Ranged dps shouldn't have to move during this phase. Melee dps need to be behind the boss at all times. I've been one shotted by the cleave at 20k hp before. Avoid purple circles that are dropped. All the info I got.

Edit: Marauders predation can help run out of the circle. Also if you use a jugg tank, intercede is a great tool. Sorc pulls help as well. Every other class that gets caught needs to pop a DC.