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It's actually 2 separate questions Ė a) Is the attack AOE? and b) Is the attack M/R/F/T ? The logs only list the damage type of the attack, not the attack type. Itís important to know so that we can spec for certain DR talents accordingly. Sometimes its obvious Ė Tothís smash and Kephessís Gift is obviously AOE. But for things like Zornís Baradium toss, itís not clear.
Most mitigation calculations are done by tanks from a tanking perspective so not much has been done to determine the AoE-ness of various boss abilities (only DPS specs are going to have the "30% less damage taken from AoEs" talents), but you can generally assume that, if an attack is *capable* of dealing damage to multiple targets per use, it is probably an AoE (this would include pretty much everything the Terror From Beyond does in p2 and p3 since it hits the entire pillar, as well as a number of attacks that other bosses do that end up cleaving).

Whether an attack is Force/Tech or Melee/Ranged is pretty well documented. If you're looking over a parse, the easiest way is to look at the tank that was in the group and consulting their combat log: if an attack doesn't have any appreciable variation in damage dealt while there are no major CDs in play (you'll have some variation based upon healer armor buffs, Sage bubbles, etc.), it's a Force/Tech attack; if you *do* see major variation, specifically variation that places damage taken by the tank from the attack into 2 separate and distinct "levels" of damage ("high" for a normal hit and "low" for a shielded hit), it's a melee/ranged attack.

If don't want to dredge through combat logs for information, but you've got a Shadow, Guardian, or Scoundrel in your group, it's really easy if a bit risky. If you think an attack is Force/Tech, just have a Shadow get hit with it while using Resilience: if they take no damage, it's probably an F/T attack. If you think an attack is M/R, have a Guardian or Scoundrel get targeted by it using Saber Ward or Dodge (Saber Ward for a Guardian applies 2-3 seconds of 100% Defense chance; Dodge applies 3 seconds of 100% Defense chance): if they take no damage from it, it's probably a melee/ranged attack. You probably want to test it out at least a couple times just to be sure (you might've gotten lucky with a successful resist or dodge), but, in general, it's a reasonably easy way to verify experimentally.

The only way, thus far, to determine, without any need for analysis or experimentation, whether an attack is M/R or F/T is to look at the damage type. As it stands, though it is theoretically possible, there are absolute no M/R attacks that deal internal or elemental damage. If the attack deals I/E damage (the attack itself, not a debuff or secondary effect caused by it), it's a Force/Tech attack. If it's K/E damage, it's a wildcard. Also, on a random note, the damage from DoTs is considered to be from a Force/Tech attack (which is great fun since you can just ignore said damage for a few seconds, even if the debuff can't be cleansed, by using Resilience).

While you aren't likely to find a truly comprehensive list of boss attacks and their attack types, most end game progression tanks have a pretty firm grasp on which attacks are which attack type. You can generally ask what the attack types of a specific boss's attacks are and get accurate answers from such stalwart defenders of squishy healers and DPS without waiting too long.
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