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Just a few responses in general chat or from a tell:
-Mainstat means nothing.
-Lol, mainstat requirement for TFB/EC SM
-Aim, Strength, Willpower, Cunning (yes, countless times now we have asked people what their mainstat is at and this was the response)
-You donít need 1800 for that raid.
I'm both amused and depressed by some of these responses. Especially the third one.

1800 does seem a bit high though, at least if it's without any buffs or stims. My gunslinger has 1788 cunning with mostly BH and Rakata gear and a few stray columi mods. She has successfully completed EC SM as a filler to a guild run and KP HM in a complete PUG. With the consular buff and an exotech stim, her cunning is pushed well above 2000 though. Most of her gear isn't augmented either, because I have a difficult personality.

Of course, high stats can provide some compensation for lack of skill. It's just a shame that setting a stat requirement favors those who have taken shortcuts and bought their equipment without learning to play properly (see here for an example), while potentially excluding skilled but less geared players.