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I must ask... what are you two talking about?

Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace (SM) were released over one year ago and designed to be run with some or no Columi gear. They have since been nerfed.

Explosive Conflict (SM) was released on April 2012 and designed to be run with some or no Rakata gear. It has since been (heavily) nerfed.

Terror from Beyond was released September 2012 and designed to be run with some or no Rakata gear.

Are you telling me that people who are able to run EV/KP SM with less than 8-man are part of some elite? The most clueless and disorganized group of people in Rakata gear can do those with 7-man or less! It's hardly a challenge. If you want to classify them as elite fine... 90% of players playing for over a month are elite.

Also if you are level 50 and haven't joined an operation it is by your own choice. At least on The Red Eclipse there are guilds actively raiding that will recruit anyone and constant PuGs being formed on fleet general. Oh and wait... operations are in the group finder!

Also keep in mind one thing before you go attacking the majority of the player base calling them "elite". Dedicated players are the ones that keep this game afloat. They are the ones who beta-tested, per-ordered, subscribed, and bought cartel coins. They are also the ones who go out there and spread the word, the ones that invite their friends to play. In your opinion Bioware shouldn't cater to these people? Fine again, but don't complain when you have to find a new game also because this one will cease to exist.
Kamii, I loved your video of three-manning Explosive Conflict, it was great. But I hope you do not think that Bioware intends to place brick walls in front of people like you just out of spite or something.

The reason these Ops require a full group is because the mechanics are designed in a way that everyone should be responsible for something. People were crying, with some justification, that the likes of the Annihilator droid and Gharj in EV or Jarg and Sorno, the Foreman Crusher and Karagga himself were just boring tank and spank fights - well Bioware tried to introduce more complex mechanics which also make doing these undermanned challenge runs a bit more complicated because as I said, the design goal was to give more responsibility to everyone in an 8-man raid.

Bioware should really not be expected to take these kinds of challenge runs into account when designing content in the first place. Though I admit, the ideas you posted a little above the quoted post looked sensible to me. Those kind of changes wouldn't hurt anyone.