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Thanks for your detailed reply.

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You're confusing the type of the attack (melee/ranged v. Force/Tech) with the number of targets (AoE v. ST). An AoE attack is any attack that can hit more than one target. An ST attack can only hit a single target. The type of attack is an arbitrary distinction that simply determines what mitigation mechanisms can be applied to it (M/R attacks can use defense chance and can be shielded; F/T attacks use resistance chance and cannot be shielded).
I should have been clearer. It's actually 2 separate questions Ė a) Is the attack AOE? and b) Is the attack M/R/F/T ? The logs only list the damage type of the attack, not the attack type. Itís important to know so that we can spec for certain DR talents accordingly. Sometimes its obvious Ė Tothís smash and Kephessís Gift is obviously AOE. But for things like Zornís Baradium toss, itís not clear.

Rail Shot is a ranged attack, but, on SM and HM, it shouldn't be an issue. If everyone in the group is stacking inside of the pulsar droids like they *should* be (re: their listed ranged is 0.0m), the boss won't rail shot anyone on HM. If a single person is outside of this range, however, the boss will target a random person with rail shot; as such, a single person screwing up by not standing in close enough can end up killing an entirely different person (and often does).
We did this phase by all DPS and healers stacking inside the droids, and the 2 tanks standing outside. The tanks got hit by railshots, but DPS didnít. The problem was that sometimes the RDPS or healers got hit while we were switching droids, and we wanted to avoid that and go into Kephess fight with healersí energy bars full, so for the last transition, I would leap to the droid and pacify it.

What you are saying is that if the tanks also stand inside the droids, nobody will get hit with railshot. We will try it out next time .

Pacify should't work because it doesn't work on Operations bosses, which I believe the Pulsar Droids count as (else it would make it really easy to cheese the fight by using Pacify/Diversion).
If a boss is marked ops boss, the pacify button is disabled and you get a red flytext error message if you try to use it. In my experience, pacify can be used freely on any adds, just not on the boss itself. Common places where it is useful is turrets at start of EV (not strictly a boss), Jealous Male / critters in TFB and Imperial siege droids / Trandoshian warriors in Kephess. I also use it on Baradium bombers, but very likely pacify has no effect on their attacks and is wasted.

IIRC, pacify can be even used on the 4th boss in EV, but sadly not on the Regulators / Rectifier in Operator IX fight. Since regulators / rectifiers are strictly adds, not sure whether this is intentional or not, but it is definitely inconsistent.

You're getting it wrong. The KB applies Touch of the Masters, which means that, until that debuff falls off, any time the tank takes damage, the tank dies. Breath of the Masters applies the debuff that turns you black and causes you to drop patches of bad. The separation of the two abilities forces the tank to actually keep the hell away from Kephess until the Breath begins casting, which gives the other tank a easily visible taunt window (since it's easier to see a boss casting than it is to see a debuff on your buddy tank).
Thanks for clearing this up.

Yes, damage reduction stacks, but not in the way you think it does.


GotM does something like 6000 base damage per tick so, with 25% baseline K/E DR, with no other sources of damage reduction (no Rebuke, no AoE dam redux, etc.), you would take 4500 damage per tick. Throw in Rebuke, it goes down to 3300 per tick. Add in the AoE dam redux, and it should go down to 2310. If Force Camo is actually active, it would go down to 1155. Keep in mind, it ticks every second so the damage ramps up *very* quickly, especially since Force Cloak isn't likely to last.
Thanks for your explanation. Of course I donít attack after popping camo. The way it happens is as follows:
61% - Healers hide, GS pops entrench and shield
60% - Transdence activated
59% - Kephess pulls, Camo / Resilience activated, run for your life

Will try to pop rebuke as well now.

Quote: Originally Posted by ckoneful View Post
The way my guild did HM Kephess 61->59% area was we put a slinger out with entrench, and smuggler healer out. When he pulls, a sage immediately pulls the healer out of the circle. Tank either runs or leaps out if only 1 sage.
Thanks for the tip. Will try this the next time and see if it works out better for us or not.