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Hey man.

My characters name is Pig on the imperials and Jediari on the reps, I've been playing since update 1.0 so I'm quite a experienced player . my main Pig is mainly for Pve atm but in the near future i might try to gear him out for PVP but my republic guy is mainly for PVP :P .

our population on the Gav Daragon server has been about 40ish on the fleet in the evenings....5ish in the mornings
before the FTP started we where pretty much a dead server.

I look forward to Joining your community on the Dalborra server!

from Pig/Jediari
Look forward to our severs merging with much anticipation.

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Very decent of you, but maybe a little premature? A merge may be a welcome prospect for many APAC players, but it is by no means an inevitability. And if it does happen, some will undoubtedly look for a welcome elsewhere.
I haven't really looked for the thread but with the last comment from bioware being "what would you like us to do", we are assuming from the majority of votes being merge the 3 servers into 1. That it will happen, what we now speculate is will it happen before or after the expansion.

While I have read through the discussion and seen the discrepancies some of the RP members have with this merge, I have made this thread to extend a olive branch of sorts and extend a welcome to a server and community that could be excellent with the effort of the majority. While some have made their decision with a lack of research I encourage you to have a look at the Dalborra forums and see the events our server has managed to organize and run successfully which I hope shows the RP members that with effort and time you make what you want.
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