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02.05.2013 , 01:15 AM | #7
If it isn't logging into just that server this maybe a means of solving stuck toons on a server, not sure if it will help in your case but easy to do and worth a shot.

Have you tried running repair at the launcher after login (lower left cog) ? otherwise try below,

Go to the main screen.
Try logging on another char.
You should get an error that says xxxxxx is logged in.
Select the stuck character but DO NOT LOG HIM IN.
Once you selected it.
go to the "?" on the bottom left and find the "Character stuck" button. (top right of "in game help center" tab)
Hit the button and it will prompt you.
Accept the prompt.
Try logging in to another char.
YOU MIGHT get the error saying your logged in. IF so try relogging on the OTHER toon.
IF you log in on that toon, congrats you fixed it.
Log out and enjoy your 20% barrier passage.

IF it doesn't work.
select the toon again.
hit the stuck button 2-3-4 times. (3rd time is usually the charm)
And try logging on another toon.
again, if it worked, success, if not, repeat but this time try logging on the stuck character.