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02.05.2013 , 12:39 AM | #4
This would significantly increase the queue times for all warzones.

Additionally, I'm not sure it'd make sense to put the restriction on the general class, rather than the Advanced Class. You're suggesting my team is allowed 2 Smugglers - so, because the team has two gunslingers we're not allowed a Scoundrel healer? Or because we have a Sage healer we can't have a Shadow tank? They're totally different roles are they not?

Finally, Smashers are a special case which I think most people are aware of. But having five healers isn't necessarily an advantage. Sure, it's hard for the opposition to kill anything but if they manage to cap mid first (in Novare Coast) it can be very difficult to get it back as you struggle to kill anything. If I play as a my healer and I see 4 other healers in a warzone I tend to assume we'll lose unless the other 3 players have superb dps or our enemy is rubbish.
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