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Just to prevent confusion, technically he is a mini boss. True bosses drop tiered gear and mini bosses do not. Just help prevent confusion.

I have done this fight in all roles in gear from Tionese to Dread Guard. Sometimes you can die just from bad luck letting several hits of his massive spike damage through (yes 6.7K is not unheard of). Your gear and stats are perfectly appropriate for this fight and unless you are standing in yellow circles or losing aggro, you are doing your job fine.

The times where I run into problems is when the DPS do not kill the little guys first (as DPS should almost always do) and beat on the tank/healer or when the healer decides everything is fine and thinks they have time to DPS. As long as the DPS kill the adds and the healer then can do nothing but pump heals into you the fight is easy. All it takes is one role not doing what they are supposed to and things fall apart.

Shadow/Assasin tanking is my favorite class in the game so far. The important thing to remember is that if you stacks of Kinetic/Dark ward are not being consumed it is a force/tech attack this is bypassing shield/absorb and therefore resilience is your friend. If it is being consumed, deflection is your friend. Pay attention and use the appropriate CD.