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Am curious, do you use, SWTOR unleashed? I had problems patching when I used that because it seems to create shortcuts into the RAM disk that it creates for the game.

If you are, switch the SWTOR unleased back to retail which will remove the shortcuts and then try and patch again.

If you aren't then don't know, I hope you can get it running again.
Ok....not to sound like a total nubsausage here, but what is SWTOR unleashed? I've only used the retail CD installation for SWTOR. I've never heard of unleashed before.

Although now I am running into a new issue. I deleted SWTOR from my system and did a clean reinstall. Now I am stuck at "Installing English Assets 101 (0%)" and haven't moved from there for over 6 hours. Apparently the game no longer loves me. Nothing has worked, including trying it in safe mode.