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Your continued Debbie Downerism is noted. You assume they are going to make no changes to the trees when they increase level cap. I assume they are going to make lots of tweaks when they increase level cap. I assume this because the devs have said they are making significant balance changes. We could end up better or worse. At this point, we don't know what they are planning. But keep assuming the worst and crapping all over Sorcs at every opportunity. It's what you do best.
Keep being blindly optimistic about a company that has been chain nerfing us for what is getting closer and closer to an entire year, and insulting anyone who doesn't share that optimism that has absolutely no precedence to it.

If bringing up all the failings of our class and all the imbalances compared to other classes- something I've supported many times with facts about what they did- numbers comparisons- patch notes- ability comparisons- other mmo comparisons, etc...... is what you call 'crapping on the class', then perhaps you should turn your anger at BW who is actually the ones doing it, I am merely reporting on what they have done, and pointing out where their previous behaviour is most likely to bring them with the xpac.

There is always a chance they will figure it out and do something about the imbalances that they themselves not only made back in April, but continued to widen with each patch since- but the thing about chance is, most people see 90% as a better chance than 10%.