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No offense taken. It was my first attempt at 5 stacks and pulling together a 24 man OP.
I cant wait to hear more from your adventures. Im hoping theres some nice reward at higher stacks.
Some great feedback. Thanks. Its hard for us to get 24 people in full dread gear. All of our core 16 were full dread or mostly dread lvl. We then asked our friends to ask thier friends they knew that were geared. I figured we would need a full 24. It was an awesome group for 1st try. But its like hearding cats sometimes. lol
A previous group was tryinig it with 16 man. Maybe not a good idea. If we do it again I'll report back.
Whats the key to the tank swaps if I may ask?
Just need a tank to taunt at the end of sonic paralysis for the tank swap. Shadow can resilience through it or you can use your stun break to taunt - however there is also an exhaustion debuff that doubles damage to tank - so it is best to just go with the tank swap.

And yeah - this fight definitely needs 22-24, 16 won't get it done.