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Don't get discouraged when you die a bunch of times, because it's expected to die over and over and over again until you've earned the gear, skill, and prestige to become one of the elite. I know, it sounds silly, it might even sound ridiculous, but its true. You need to fail before you can succeed. The PvP mechanics in this game are incredibly fair, competitive, and accessible. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Wow.. just wow. You "need" to fail? It's not possible that someone who is a skilled player, veteran pvper from other MMOs should have any chance for success until they waste hundreds of hours to get geared max?

Also, where is the prestige in SWtOR pvp? Being in a winning Rep warzone or being one of the thousands of winning Imperial warzones where they don't have to try because the Republic have learned not to?

I would *love* to see you take the time you spent writing this guide on a write up of the things Bioware have done wrong with warzone class balancing. That would have been time well spent -- not "you need to fail over and over in order to suceed". That's just tripe.