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Chapter 11

Koros Major- Iron Citadel

Kyle Katarn led Jaina Solo down into the darkest depths of the Iron Citadel. Two weeks ago, Kyle Katarn was held captive in the dungeons of the Iron Citadel and tortured by The Master. The dark halls were lit only by the blue glow of Kyle's lightsaber. The halls of the Iron Citadel were stained with rust and covered in webs. The Master had clearly not cared to keep the Citadel clean.

"Why are we here again?" Jaina asked. Her voice low.

"We're here to see if The Master has any plans." Kyle could feel the dark energy coursing through the Iron Citadel. It was as if the Citadel was working against them, trying to keep the two Jedi from accessing its Master's treasures. "Can you feel it, Jaina?"

"I feel it. Wasn't this place a Jedi stronghold? Why is it so dark?" Jaina kept her voice low, almost involuntarily so.

Kyle and Jaina slowly descended a series of stairs, descending into the darkest chambers of the Citadel. "It was. During the last Sith War, this Citadel served as a last stand for a brave army of Jedi. Records say that only two hundred Jedi stood to defend the Citadel against over one thousand Sith. Only one Jedi survived."

Jaina stopped on the stairs. "You don't think-"

"I do. We may be facing someone who is immortal." Kyle continued down the stairs, exiting the stairs and into a large and empty chamber.

Jaina quickly followed after him. "But how is that possible?"

The chamber they entered was the darkest chamber in the whole Citadel. The shadow hung in the room, making the air difficult to breathe. Kyle could feel the Dark Side was strong in this chamber, more importantly, he could almost see the Dark Side here. A purple haze descended upon them, surrounding the two Jedi and closing in around them. Kyle knew what they had found, they had stumbled upon The Master's personal chamber.

Kyle felt the Dark Side close in on him, pushing against his will, supplanting his connection to the Light. "Stay strong Jaina. Calm yourself." He was reassuring himself more than he was Jaina.

As if hearing his words, the haze dispersed, but the Dark Side that corrupted the Citadel continued to weigh on the two Jedi. The two Jedi stepped further into the chamber before being stopped by a crackling sound. A light shined in the shadows, the luminescent glow of a small Holocron. Projecting from the Holocron was the image of The Master, studying the Jedi curiously.

"Ah, so my chamber has been found." The image spoke. Even the Holocron was coursing with Dark Side energies. "I see you have prevailed over the energy coursing through this place." The image's words were just as potent as if The Master himself spoke them. "So tell me, why are you here?" The image was calm, malevolent. "Do you seek answers? Wisdom and knowledge?"

The light from the Holocron was sufficient to light the chamber, allowing the two Jedi to deactivate their lightsabers. Kyle defiantly stared at the image. "We know you are up to something. And we want to know what it is."

The image laughed at them. "Is that so? You expect me to tell you what I have planned? Foolish Jedi, aren't you?"

Jaina pushed past Kyle. "If we are so foolish, why have you lost? Why is it that we stand here in your personal chambers, while you sit in a cell awaiting your execution?" She defiantly taunted The Master's image.

But her taunts did nothing but make The Master laugh. "You are so defiant. You are so sure of your victory, and yet you fail to see that I am in control. You have not won. You cannot win."

Kyle pushed Jaina back slightly. "You can't win. The Jedi won't let you. We'll stop you."

"Indeed? Very well." He stopped for a moment. "Let's play a game. I will give you the location of one of my students, and you will pursue her. She is doing something very important. You can defeat me, but she will wage a new war. She is my ultimate weapon."

Kyle didn't want to play The Master's games, but if he had so much faith in this student, then he had no choice. "Where is she?"

The Master's image nodded. "She's on Nal Hutta. But you had better hurry. The sooner you stop her, the better off your Alliance will be." The image retreated into the Holocron, leaving Kyle and Jaina in the dark. Kyle felt uneasy, at least, more than what he was before. If this agent was so dangerous, they had to hurry.

*** *** *** ***

The Prism- Solitary Confinement

The Master knew that Kyle Katarn and Jaina Solo couldn't stop her. The Harbinger was superior to them. She had the potential to become more powerful than him. She was the ultimate weapon, the ultimate dealer of death. She was the key to his plan. Her success would make his conquest of the galaxy far easier, but her failure was inconsequential. His victory was ordained by the most powerful force in the galaxy. The Force had shown him his victory, but The Harbinger's success would make fulfilling that vision much easier.

His future plans relied on her success. The Master had made plans for after his conquest, and these plans would revolve around The Harbinger's success with his allies. And after her mission, she would join him in his war. Together, they would be unstoppable. His daughter would join him in final victory.

But first he had to escape from his abominable prison. He could feel his students arrive. They had ceased hiding themselves in The Force to alert their master of their arrival to The Prism. Their skills with stealth would be useful in the deactivation of the Neural Dampeners that prevented his escape. The Master would have them simply unleash the denizens of this prison, but instead chose a more subtle option. When the dampeners would be deactivated, The Master would act in a subtle manner to escape.

It was only a matter of time.

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