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02.04.2013 , 09:26 PM | #8
Very well put together guide buddy.

I especially love the part in the guide where you point out good players shouldn't need to use DA > SF as a crutch. That has always been one of my staples in conversation regarding the class. You should bold that entire section.

Everyone has their own particular view on stats, I guess, but isn't crit subject to diminishing returns? I like to have a mix of stats, sort of a middle of the road approach and feel ~33% crit as the best way to go (1 in 3 attacks will crit). The aforementioned 38% crit scrappers would be subject to DR and hurt themselves even more than they know if my suspicion is true. I know I read about crit being affected by DR somewhere and I think it referenced the 30% mark as where the DR starts to take place.

And come on man! You had to leave a cliffhanger?? (Voidstar) That's our bread and butter. I'm interested in seeing that addition as I'm sure you crank out some nice numbers in there.