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02.04.2013 , 08:37 PM | #42
This sort of thing has been happening ever since BH comms were added to the group finder.

Quite a while back, I was doing a gear run on HM EV for some new guildies. One player (a shadow dps in black hole gear) was unable to kill his Infernal Council member. In fact, when the timer ran out his target was still at 40% health.

While wearing level 61 gear. O.o

The other shadow dps in that same raid, wearing mostly Columi gear, was able to successfully defeat her target with time to spare.

Anyone can shortcut the path to obtain gear. In fact, the Cartel Market has made it even easier. Just take a look at how many people sell Cartel Packs directly, turning real-world dollars into credits they can use to buy crafted gear.

But honestly, this sort of stuff doesn't really bother me personally. It is very very easy to identify the skilled players vs the unskilled ones. The skilled ones are invited to TfB/EC. The unskilled ones aren't.