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So our guild can usually get the majority of the people needed for a SM EC/TFB (we refuse to pug HM as we are still progressing on these), but usually we have to pug a couple spots. In general chat we set up our lfm requirement to have 1800 mainstat (for EV/KP HM we usually just have them tell us what there mainstat is at and decide from there), this is the shortened version if you are too lazy to get your free tionese gear and do a couple FPís we are not taking you. Every single time there are people complaining about this.

Just a few responses in general chat or from a tell:
-Mainstat means nothing.
-Lol, mainstat requirement for TFB/EC SM
-Aim, Strength, Willpower, Cunning (yes, countless times now we have asked people what their mainstat is at and this was the response)
-You donít need 1800 for that raid.

My issue is that it takes very little effort to achieve this requirement yet people still complain. We are tired people joining raids still wearing green gear (for EV/KP HM comm and mount runs) or put no effort what so ever into doing a FP or EV/KP SM. To be honest, when the majority of our guild is geared for EC and TFB HM, we donít want to and shouldnít have to carry you when you clearly have run very little lvl 50 content to begin with and just want a free ride.

What are other people doing when they have to pug a couple spots. Are they just accepting whoever they get the first tell from without knowing what gear they have and hoping things run smoothly? I am not an elitist, far from it actually, I have no problem helping people learn the runs or get better gear, but I mean címon, 1800 is so easy to get to and is a pretty conservative figure.

Is a requirement to having a certain mainstat for a raid really asking too much?
1800 main stat is good enough for the hardmodes let alone the story modes. Someone with 1800 mainstat is going to be at the very least over rakata level, I got two alts just over that in rakata/campaign mix and I know for a fact my sniper cleared EC SM and done TFB SM up to weekly first time with around 1700 with the 9% skill tree buff. My sorc healer who was in plain old rakata at the time healed through a 6 man EV nightmare mode with around 1700 main stat.

Another thing you're forgetting to consider is mod -wise more people are bound to stack secondary stats like power and crit rather than their main stats. My main whom is 2/5 dreadguard and rest campaign sit around 1900 without a stim but I have around 1000 power instead of the heavy mainstat 27A mods. In comparison you'd be requesting that every pug that joined was geared to at least mostly 61's with some bits augmented just for a story mode that drops lesser gear.
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