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"Schem stealing"?
So you think that it's "fair" to design the game in a way that allows someone to RE a schematic, but no one else can until they've gone through the same op week after week after week with no success, giving you a monopoly strangle-hold on the market for months?

Granted, that's pretty much exactly how copyright laws and patents work. But this isn't a court of law or a session of Congress. It's a game. And as such, a monopoly strangle-hold would be severely game-unbalancing.
One or two people who rake in hundreds of millions of credits in profits simply by the luck of a mouse click, only to get bored and quit the game doesn't sound like much fun.
Whoah, when did I say all that?

You're reading way too much into me understanding that crafters (I am not one) might be a little sore about someone buying their item, learning the schem and then undercutting them on the market. I didn't suggest actually -doing- anything about it, either on the part of the crafters or on the part of Bioware.

I'm for whatever creates a robust market because working the economy is as viable a way to play the game as raiding/pvp/whatever.