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02.04.2013 , 07:52 PM | #7
Please note, I am not looking for resolution here. I am just trying to let the support know what I and many other loyal customers think about the quality if the program. The game is nice, but the program isn't. The video I shared here is not the only bug in the game. And I am not talking about being stuck in the terrain, I am talking about major graphics problems, about broken game/boss mechanics, about UI bugs. For example, I've opened a bug with companions which are unable to finish their sentence when you dismiss them. It began with 1.4 or 1.5 update and the only thing happened is that in reply to my ticket they said that yeah, it's suck but I need to open another ticket in different section. And the bug is still there and it is totally platform independent. And what about HK51? All they needed to do is just do the quest for HK 2-3 times and see that sometimes it come with no gear... then they fixed it and player would receive a box with the gear... and YET I received it with no offhand weapon. Yes, opening a ticked solved the problem, support sent me the offhand, but I am talking about bugs here. BTW the support is OK. I would expect faster in game support but yet it's totally fine!