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02.04.2013 , 07:32 PM | #3
If it is a guild run with a couple pugs, then the raid leader can require whatever they want. Pugs don't like it, don't take them and ignore. They want to take people into SM TfB or HM EC with tionese or lower gear, then they can form their own group. Personally I would require all dps to be augmented, been on to many pug type runs where healers and tank kept everyone alive until enrage, but then everyone wiped. Then have dps yell at me for not healing them through enrage. You hit enrage with everyone alive the entire time, it isnít the tanks or healers fault that is all on dps. Except in certain uncommon situation where healer may have made an epic mistake and healed the target during force leech or something.

I don't think your requirement is to strict. People only wanting full BIS 63 for HM EC or HM TfB is too strict.