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If it is 32bit Vista then you need to use the following switches. /3GB /USERVA
These switches increases the amount of VM usable by an application from the default of 2GB to 3GB. It also decreases the amount of VM available to Windows from 2GB to 1GB.

Note, VM is NOT the page file. It is RAM that also includes the page file. Using the switches above might mean there is more use of the page file as there are more hard faults (meaning the item isn't in the memory and needs to get it form the page file into the RAM).

The crashes to desktop can be caused by a myriad of things. SWTOR is a 32bit application, if it needs more than 2GB of RAM it can use it, but it means data, considered old will be page out to file and will be there until required. Increasing the RAM available to application does mean windows might be starved of memory, and Vista this might be a case as well.

Try those switches, but my doubt is, it might not always fix it.
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