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About what you said about Sith and slavery, Jacen:

A player could have a passion and drive to help those enslaved and set them free. They are sad or angered because they see the plight of those enslaved. The player FEELS and the player has a PASSION to free those enslaved. Yet the Tython Jedi Order would say ALL PASSION is bad and ALL EMOTION is bad. NOT the Extended Universe Jedi Order or the Orginal SWTrilogy Jedi Order. This is focused on The Tython Jedi.

Even those passions and emotions which drive someone to set the slaves free, the Tython Jedi were teaching me that those were bad and would lead to the Dark Side. The desire to help out of love or out of duty, but a passion nonetheless, is good in this case. Yet the Tython Jedi, who say all love and all passion is bad would see a Passion to free the enslaved as a bad thing.

The emotions which drive people to counteract the bad of the Sith (like slavery.) The passions and the moral choices to counteract the Sith's expansion. The passion and drive and will to fight the Sith are called "bad" by the Jedi. Even though they can give someone have a motivation to resist the evil that is the Sith Empire. IF a person chooses to ACT upon the feelings and passion they're experiencing. Should they choose to act upon them then yes, they can have a drive to stop the Sith.