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The Tython Jedi Order's morals are all messed up. There are positive morals and emotions can be controlled. LOVE can be controlled and it is up to the lover's in that quest to learn how to control their love so it doesn't get out of hand. The Jedi Masters who gave the quest were saying that Romantic Love WILL lead to bad times. Ignoring the fact that poeple in love can learn how to manage it.

I cannot accept a moral code which, while it puts down the negative morals also denies the POSITIVES which can counteract the NEGATIVE morals.

All of the negatives in the Sith Code have Moral Opposites. One of these is love. Yet the Tython Jedi, in their quest to take down the Sith, are denying the very things which can help defeat them.

OR they do have positive morals and they do allow themselves to experience positive emotions. If that's the case then the Tython Jedi should really change their code so it doesn't seem like they're excluding Positive morals along with the Negative morals.