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How about splitting "Need" into 2 options? One would be "Need (companion), which would have a lower chance to win the roll, but better than "Greed". The other would be "Need (self)" which gives you the best chance to win the drop, but is only available to click if the gear in question is of the right type for you (i.e. armor - lt/md/hv, saber - single/double/offhand, gun - pistol/blaster/assault, etc.) and/or matches your primary stat.
Except for the underlined part I agree. Considering how gear in swtor works with the stats coming from the mods rather than the shells the armor type of the shell doesn't matter other than cosmetics, so I'm perfectly fine with a marauder needing on heavy armor and juggs needing on medium - they'll then just rip the mods out and put it in the appropriate armor version.