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Do I understand correctly that the Double Destruction gets casted in periodic intervals, while Defensive Systems are set on bosses percentage?

Because I had a little argument with other guy during today's raid and he said that he has done that encounter many times on empire side and that the DD is random. Couldn't argue with that, all my experiences of this encounter come from several wipefests.

If DS are set on boss health levels, what are the milestones for it to trigger, and on which boss?
Yes, you got it right.

Like someone said, this is caused by triggering the DS (by pushing a tank below 80/60 etc %) at the same time as the second DD is cast - the suggestions to fix it by having the SC tank taunt are not viable though due to the simple fact that SC is immune to taunts while casting DD.
What you need to do (if you can't increase your DPS, which would ofc be the best solution - make sure everyone is augmented and have their mods optimized rather than just taking whatever you get by default in the shells) is to have the SC tank drop down on the ground while moving behind the DPS for the second DD - he will still turn the tank so the DD ends up on the DPS, but when the lightning dome drops (which lands on the tank, not the DPS - it just seem to be on the DPS since they're in the same place at that time) it will be down on the ground with the tank instead.