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From what I can tell, looking solely at the Tython Order's teachings on emotion and passion, they seem to frown upon love. The way they teach things seems to exclude emotion and passion including the Positive ones. The Sith is chock full of the negatives. They show those strongly and advocate them. Instead of the Jedi openly advocating the good, The Tython Jedi Order seems to be not using the opposites to counteract the Sith.

If the Tython Jedi really do have morals which are opposite of the Sith (as in the Tython Jedi Order) they need to not put down love. Because love can counteract and hate.

You mentioned slavery. What drives the Jedi's crusade against slavery if not compassion, love, and care for those enslaved? On one hand the Tython Jedi say one thing in their code and advocate one thing in their code and YET they act against what they're saying in their code. They act with love, compassion, mercy, and kindness. While at the same time teaching against it....