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02.04.2013 , 05:07 PM | #2
Firstly, your attitude is terrible and no-one is forcing you to pay for the game. You don't have to any more.

Secondly, find me a completely bug-free MMO, I challenge you.

Thirdly, as a programmer/validation engineer, you should know better than anyone that it is very difficult to find two computers with the same configuration. Again, you should appreciate how challenging it is to program with this in mind.

What is the problem with submitting a bug report? I've done it in many games. It takes minutes and perhaps it's an issue QA were unable to replicate. I have never had an issue such as the one in that video. Perhaps the PC used to create the video just sucks. I can't say.

To sign off, your post is simply venomous and far from constructive.