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Worry not, I get what you all are saying. That Jedi are not supposed to hate: love, passion, care, emotion, kindness, empathy, all of that. Yet The Jedi Order on Tython seems to put all of that down. Not in actions all the time, but in their word and code. Especially with those lovers.

Yet the Sith have all of this: rage, hate, spite, and bitterness. Those are their qualities from what I saw in the opening cinematic for the Sith. Yet the Jedi on Tython, instead of embracing the qualities and morals which can counteract what the Sith have, they have nothing moral wise to counter act. And neither Sith nor Jedi to seem to value love.

In real life I admire and see the value in love. Platonic, Familial (sp?), and Romantic. And in this game the Sith don't seem to cherish it. They're about being grrr and generally spiteful and hateful.

Jedi can't hope to counteract the Sith through force alone. The ones on Tython need to embrace the morals that are the opposites of the Sith's morals. The Jedi oppose the Sith in terms of force but in denying positive morals and positive emotions, the Jedi on Tython do not oppose the Sith in terms of morality

The Jedi in the Extended universe and I think the ORIGINAL SW Trilogy do have care, compassion, all of those positives. And they use them in the correct way. They show them and feel them without being forced to go Dark.

This comparison is between the Tython type Jedi and the Sith (opening cinematic.) THOSE Sith have both physical prowress and morals. The Tyton type Jedi have phyiscal prowress but no positive morals/emotions to counteract those that the Sith have.