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Is this the boss with all the fire coming from the grills etc etc? If so I have not been able to heal on this fp yet....only HM has ever popped tbh but it just seems impossible....
No the first "mini" boss, the shaclaw. He hits very, very hard and can be a challenge to heal through.

In response to the OP, shadows have the weakest passive mitigation of all the tanks and tend to take a lot more damage if they don't use their active mitigation and self heals properly. This can overwhelm the healer at times, especially on a boss that does massive hits like the shaclaw. A sage healer and shadow tank is the worst possible combination for this guy (sage healers have awesome AoE heals, but weaker single-target heals than scoundrels and commandos; on the shaclaw, the only person who should be taking damage is the tank).

It's impossible to know who's to blame. Maybe the DPS didn't kill the mini-shaclaws first, letting them chew away at the healer and forcing the healer to use GCDs for self-healing. Maybe they couldn't bring the shaclaw down fast enough. Maybe the healer had a bad rotation or insufficient gear for the FP. Maybe you were undergeared or didn't hit your rotation. Maybe somebody kept standing in the acid on the ground. Maybe a bit of everything.

LI is definitely frustrating to pug. Not only is a challenging, mechanics-heavy FP, a lot of players rage quit at the first sign of trouble. This forces the pug to either quit the FP or hang about waiting for a replacement. I know I'm always nervous when I try to pug it, knowing there's a good chance that someone will quit before we finish if things don't go smoothly, wasting a lot of time and possibly a good chunk of money on repair bills for no reward or satisfaction.