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And i said "PROBABLY" about the healer But his stats seem right and that boss doesn't ask anything special about tanking, just keep him and stay out of the circles. As a shadow, he cannot do anything more than "keep the debuffs and auto-heal when he has 3 charges" and "Deflexion if he's low".
Well from the healer side it doesn't ask anything special about healing either, I didn't even know the Putrid Shaclaw was even a mini boss until this thread. I have never seen anyone die there, in PUGs or Guild runs. I have even done that fight with the healer afk on a guild run with a shadow tank. The only healing being done was from his relic and 2 watchmen. So I am at a loss, how anyone could get unlucky enough to get 6 groups in a row die on a mini boss. Even if you were not using healer 6 times in a row seems a little extreme.

I will also say I dps the hell out of that fight on my sawbones, I drop flyby right at the pull, there is nothing there to put a extreme burden on the healer. Although I will say I over heal every fight so Tank is already getting big heals when and if they hit 80%.