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This doesn't make much sense. You're saying that because you don't like the price depreciation caused by schem stealing (which is a fair point), you'll respond by....price gouging your friends at less total profit instead of making more total profit on sales to strangers. Seems like you, your friends and the GTN all lose your way. Cutting off your nose to spite your own face.
"Schem stealing"?
So you think that it's "fair" to design the game in a way that allows someone to RE a schematic, but no one else can until they've gone through the same op week after week after week with no success, giving you a monopoly strangle-hold on the market for months?

Granted, that's pretty much exactly how copyright laws and patents work. But this isn't a court of law or a session of Congress. It's a game. And as such, a monopoly strangle-hold would be severely game-unbalancing.
One or two people who rake in hundreds of millions of credits in profits simply by the luck of a mouse click, only to get bored and quit the game doesn't sound like much fun.