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random idiot: hey darth baras.

baras: what is it?

random idiot: did you know someone made a make fun of darth baras thread on swtor forums?

baras: uh huh lier.

random idiot: but its true!

baras: shut it fool! be lucky I dont kill you right now!

random idiot: moon sized pikachu.

baras: WHAT!!! DID YOU CALL ME!?!

random idiot: a moon sized pikachu? guy who is a skilled as ash.

baras: WHY YOU!!!!!!

random idiot: what are you gonna do abo......(gets force fed his own limbs then, frozen in carbonite and finally blown up with a thermal detonator)

baras: let that be a lesson to you now if you would excuse me im going to that all you can eat resturaunt for dinner.
(later looking on the forums)
baras: THERE IS A MAKE FUN OF ME THREAD!!!! if it werent so funny id kill everyone on it!
Moon sized pikachu haha love it.
If force choking Jawas is wrong, I don't want to be right.